Your dental practice probably looks a lot different than it would have looked just a few years ago. Amalgam fillings have been replaced with composite. Mountains of paper files have been replaced with records on the computer. Even X-ray film has been replaced with electronic image capture technology.

But, the core goal of your practice has remained the same: to provide the best dental care possible for your patients.

Each of these advancements, though, has meant that you can accomplish that goal in new and better ways. Composite fillings look nicer and last longer. Electronic charts give you more accurate, more detailed information on each of your patients, allowing you to give personalized attention to their dental care. And digital X-rays give you a clearer view of what’s happening inside your patient’s mouth.

There is yet another way that you can modernize your dental practice and take another step forward in providing excellent care to your patients: by upgrading your office phone system.

“But wait,” you ask, “isn’t a phone just a phone? My receptionist answers the phone, makes appointments, answers the occasional billing question… what is there to upgrade about that?”

A modern Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone system does so much more than just place and receive calls. It can integrate tightly with your practice management system, such as Dentrix. Because your phone system then knows as much about your patients as you and your staff do, it can immediately start helping your staff with tasks around the office.

For example, when the receptionist’s phone rings, the system will cross-reference the caller ID of the caller with your patient records. On the receptionist’s screen, all of the caller’s information will appear — upcoming and past appointments, billing history, and even family member — before she even picks up the phone.

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson, are you calling to confirm your 1:30 appointment tomorrow? Great, see you then. Oh, and we noticed that Little Timmy is due for a cleaning. We have an opening next Wednesday at 3:30. Great, we’ll put it in!”

Of course, the receptionist could do all of this the old fashioned way, but it would have involved a lot more “hmm, hold on a sec,” and “one moment please.” And how would she have known about Little Timmy’s overdue cleaning?

Another great benefit of integrating Dentrix with your phone system is automated appointment reminders for your patients. With fewer missed appointments, your patients will be happier, and your practice will be busier. And reminders can even be sent out as text messages — meaning your patients will actually receive them.

What about patients who you haven’t seen in a while? A smart VoIP phone system can generate lists of patients who are due for a checkup, and even text them to remind them to schedule an appointment. That will let them know that you care about their dental health — and help you keep your schedule full.

Yes, there have been many great advancements over the years — both in dental care and in practice management. To find out how you can take the next leap and upgrade your practice to a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system, call Frontier IT in Colorado Springs today. We will schedule you for a free, no obligation consultation to show you what we can do to help you keep your patients smiling.