Do you have a fitness tracker on your wrist? Smartwatches like the Fitbit or Apple Watch can keep track of your vital statistics — things like your heart rate, how many steps you took, and how much sleep you got. You can use that information to keep tabs on your body and make decisions that boost your health and happiness.

But if you don’t take time to review the data — and then act on it — it won’t help you at all!

Modern IT infrastructure is able to collect and report lots of information on itself. The computers, servers, routers, and switches that you use in your business can tell you all about their health, their performance, and any errors that could lead to bigger problems.

But like your Fitbit, it only helps you if you are able to process the data and then act on it.

And that’s where Frontier IT can help. With our network and server monitoring services, we keep our finger on the pulse of your IT assets. Let’s look at three ways that proactive infrastructure monitoring can help your business:

1) Monitoring Saves You Time

Servers and network devices can be configured to send automated alerts for all kinds of things — some urgent, some not. If those alerts are sent to you or someone on your staff, you would need to take the time to decide whether to act on each and every one, and you may miss something important in all the noise.

When Frontier IT handles those alerts for you, our experienced technicians will evaluate them to determine if the alert is actionable or not. In many cases, we can even take care of the issue before you even notice there is one. We’ll only contact you about it if we need to — conserving your valuable time.

2) Proactive Maintenance Prevents Downtime

If your computer system went down, what impact would that have on your business? Each hour of downtime could represent thousands in lost revenue and productivity.

With Frontier IT monitoring your servers and network equipment, we can take proactive steps to maintain your network and prevent costly downtime. For example, if your server tells us that one of its hard drives is failing, we can order the replacement part, schedule a visit, and replace it, all before it affects your business. Minor problems can quickly become major issues. If you let us fix them quickly, your computers stay online, and your company stays productive.

3) Monitoring Helps Your Business Grow

Is your company outgrowing its IT infrastructure? With the monitoring data that we collect, we can determine if you’re pushing the limits of your current system. Our vCIO team can provide recommendations for expansion and upgrades, so that your network can continue to meet the needs of your business — both now and in the future.

These are just a few of the benefits that come from partnering with a managed service provider (MSP), like Frontier IT, to care for your network. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to find out how you can leverage our IT expertise to keep your business healthy.