Awarded 2020 CSBJ Best in Business for IT Firm. Frontier IT is relatively new to our community having been around for a couple of years. We are humbled and honored that the CSBJ readers felt that we had made an impact great enough to make the list of IT Firms honored by our Colorado Springs Business Journal. Thank you Colorado Springs!

“With a focus on business processes and procedures, we are able to scale our customers’ IT efficiently and securely, while providing a customized solution that fits into their business model,” said Kelly Karnetsky, Operations Manager. It’s really quite simple. We do what we say we are going to do and we do very well. Our customers are family and  we really care about how well we can fine tune our clients IT support. “I get to know our customers business so that I can make sure we are delivering the right technology that is going to benefit them the most,” said Suzie Helm, Account Manager.