Frontier IT has been selected by SocialSEO as their outsourced IT provider. “Our company is experiencing incredible growth as our brand has been endorsed by Dave Ramsey, FOX Business, CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, and more,” says Greg Walthour, CEO at SocialSEO. “With growth comes unique challenges to scale the business and meet the increasing demands of our employees and customers. We needed an IT partner that we could trust to scale with us. We turned to Frontier IT to guide us through the technology pitfalls. They deploy equipment and technology solutions that conform to our company’s increasing reliance on the internet. Frontier IT continues to provide SocialSEO with an extremely responsive and friendly help desk. I highly recommend meeting with Frontier IT if staying connected to customers and the internet is critical to your company.”

The internet is no longer just a business tool, but rather a business necessity. Today, businesses rely on fast, always-on internet for increased productivity, cloud accessibility and business resilience. When an internet service provider has an outage, it can seriously impact a company caused financial strain and a difficult work atmosphere. With an intense desire to utilize the best technologies for our customer’s network infrastructure, Frontier IT exclusively uses best in class robust enterprise systems that scale to the needs of rapidly growing companies. “These types of deployments are not typical off the shelf networking equipment and require a team of experienced engineers that can build the right customized solution for a customer’s unique environments,” said Don Brown, CEO at Frontier IT. If your company is expanding quickly, Frontier IT would like to design a robust and scalable network that will keep up with your business.

About Frontier IT
Frontier IT is a Colorado based B2B managed IT services provider trusted by hundreds of customers and their employees throughout the front range. We provide a powerhouse of technical capacity and experience to our customers that outsource their mission-critical IT requirements. Our staff’s aptitude for technical support is unsurpassed with capabilities unequaled by competing IT firms. We will change the way you view your IT partner forever.

About SocialSEO
SocialSEO has been in the digital marketing space for 20 years. We provide SEO, PPC and Social Media and other content marketing services. SocialSEO has offices along the front range of Colorado and is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.