Since 1976 Olive Real Estate Group has been serving the Southern Colorado commercial real estate marketplace. Their highly experienced team of professionals have over 200 years of combined real estate experience and they needed an IT company that understands CRE Tech. “We selected Frontier IT because they understand our business and the technology challenges of commercial real estate,” said Jim Justus, President of Olive Real Estate Group. In the highly competitive commercial real estate industry, Olive Real Estate Group stands out among their competition by enabling their employees access to the tools they use from anywhere.

For many Frontier IT customers, we provide complete support from basic IT to a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution. We utilize cloud-based technologies to provide support for our customers and have a deep understanding of how to unlock the full potential of these tools. “Olive Real Estate Group relies on cloud technology to communicate with our customers’ effectively,” continued Justus. Leveraging cloud based technologies can reduce overhead while increasing efficiency for companies in all industries. Solving technology problems with cloud-based technologies is what we do. Justus concluded, “I highly recommend a meeting with Frontier IT to solve your technology challenges.”