The National Cybersecurity Center has partnered with Frontier IT to provide helpdesk and network support. “The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC) has gained national recognition for its work with small and medium size businesses. The NCC provides response services with comprehensive knowledge and capabilities through training, education and research. We believe that all businesses regardless of size should have access to cybersecurity education to protect their business interests and employees,” stated Jen Furda, Chief Operations Officer at the NCC.

Small to medium sized businesses have just as many technical needs as their larger counterparts. But, with the lack of time and knowledge, these SMBs often get left behind with sub-standard IT practices and inexperienced IT hires. “Frontier IT is able to bridge this gap for most businesses providing them with enterprise network services paired with an extensive support team, often for less than the cost of one employee,” explained Adam Puckett, Director of Business Development at Frontier IT. Today’s collaborative tools centralize the management of customers, allowing us to spread the costs and reduce overhead for our customers.

“In 2017, we partnered with Frontier IT to deploy state-of-the-art systems for our network and provide predictable and cost effective helpdesk support for the NCC. The world is changing and so is the internet landscape for cybersecurity,” explained Furda. Our clients know when they hear about a new threat or data breach that Frontier IT is taking every precaution to make sure they’re protected. “I highly recommend Frontier IT to small businesses that are serious about their company’s digital safety and protecting against today’s cybersecurity threats,” concluded Furda.