I Found Your Password Under Your Keyboard!
Today is officially World Password Day, the day to finally drop your bad password habits. No more using "sunshine", "iloveyou", or "!@#$%^&*" any more and to remove those sticky notes under your keyboard with passwords on... Read more

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Computer
Frontier IT Spring has sprung. While the snow melts, the flowers bloom, and the birdsongs fill the air, your computer may be freezing, crashing, and filling to the brim with files you do not need. Take... Read more

6 Reasons to be Grateful for Office 365 
Office 365 deserves kudos this Thanksgiving. Since its release back in 2011, it has been streamlining just about every daily office task for businesses large and small. From effortless collaboration, to instant file sharing, to workflow organization,... Read more

Keep the Monsters Out with Managed Firewall
Things can get scary when it comes to computer security. All sorts of creepy crawly viruses, bots, spyware, trojans and worms have the potential to invade your business' network. Every year, more and more money is... Read more

Understanding data centers
Data Centers are beneficial to businesses large and small, and have been around for as long as computers themselves. There are more than 500,000 data centers worldwide, covering enough square footage to fit over 5,500 football... Read more
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