PRI, VOIP & SIP: A primer for small business owners
Entrepreneurs: Rethinking your small business’ telecommunications infrastructure? What’s best: tried and true PRI, or new-school VOIP using the SIP protocol, the latest telephone technology has to offer? New-fangled tech isn’t necessarily the best option for your business, said Adam Puckett, director of business development for Frontier IT in Colorado Springs. Just what do these acronyms... Read more

WannaCry: An executive summary for small business owners
We thought now would be a good time to update readers on WannaCry, a particularly vicious strain of ransomware that recently infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, paralyzed financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, colleges and even hospitals. In light of this week’s new and competitively vicious cyberattack,... Read more

5 HIPAA/HITECH violations your dental practice is making
Pssst — I think we need to talk. Your dental practice — does it have a HIPAA/HITECH compliance plan? No? You’re not the only practice without one, trust us. If your business doesn’t have a plan, however, it’s nearly impossible to ensure you’re not violating HIPAA/HITECH — and violations can cost thousands, if not millions,... Read more

5 Common HIPAA & HITECH Violations (& how to avoid them)
At first glance, advice to avoid HIPAA and HITECH violations seems obvious: Don’t gossip about patients. Don’t make patient medical records visible to others. Don’t access ePHI on your home computer (without the proper set-up). If avoiding violations were easy, however, businesses around the U.S. wouldn’t cough up millions each year in fines. We here... Read more

5 HIPAA & HITECH Breaches That Cost Businesses Millions
We’ve written a lot about just how costly HIPAA and HITECH violations can be. If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you’re well aware that they can cost thousands, even millions. Think a monster fine couldn’t happen to your business, or that these huge fines aren’t doled out regularly? Think again. We here at... Read more

Can you spot the 4 IT security vulnerabilities in this medical office?
We’ve blogged quite a bit about healthcare and IT topics — everything from frightening medical data breaches to what HITECH is and disaster recovery planning for doctors. Let’s put that newfound knowledge to work. Can you spot the four IT security vulnerabilities in this medical office? Give it your best shot. We’ll wait. Then we... Read more

5 Times the Internet of Things Failed Biz Owners
What’s not to love about the Internet of Things? Toilet paper roll holders that email or text you when you’re out of TP — before you’re stuck in the bathroom. Egg trays that that let you know how many eggs you have and if any have gone bad — before you’re home from the store.... Read more

5 Data Breaches Healthcare Providers Will Find Frightening
We’ve discussed some truly malicious data breaches in this blog. (We’re talking about the exposure of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer social security numbers and millions of LinkedIn passwords — ugly stuff. Ring any bells?) But we’ve yet to focus on the genuinely terrifying topic of healthcare data breaches. Why would hackers care about John... Read more

HIPAA for pets? It’s a thing. (Sort of.) What vets need to know.
Some of us take this whole “pet parenthood” thing seriously. We give our furry friends the best that money (or our budgets, at least) can buy — designer apparel, gourmet treats, all the latest and greatest toys. But do we consider our pets’ privacy, especially when it comes to medical records? Believe it or not,... Read more

Why Disaster Recovery Planning is a Must for Healthcare Providers
Data disaster recovery planning — it’s one of those unpleasant tasks that’s easy to put off, like writing a will or getting that all-important annual exam. We here at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs review three reasons why it’s an absolute must for health care providers — be they massive insurance companies and hospital chains... Read more