Do you trust your life (or even just your leg) to your IT staff?
The information technology experts at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs suggest you check out a recent episode of CBSN: On Assignment titled "Cyber Soldiers: Who protects your information?" for a fascinating look at the world of white- and black-hat hackers -- more specifically, hackers who target hospitals and medical devices.

PRI, VOIP & SIP: A primer for small business owners
Entrepreneurs: Rethinking your small business' telecommunications infrastructure? What's best: tried and true PRI, or new-school VOIP using the SIP protocol, the latest telephone technology has to offer? The experts at Frontier IT in Colorado Springs fill you in.

WannaCry: An executive summary for small business owners
We thought now would be a good time to update readers on WannaCry, a particularly vicious strain of ransomware that recently infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, paralyzed financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, colleges and even hospitals. In light of this week’s new and competitively vicious cyberattack,... Read more