3 signs your small business is experiencing “the change”
There comes a time in the life cycle of so many start-ups we veterans affectionately refer to as “the change.” Perhaps your office space, which once felt roomy, begins to feel small, cramped and oppressive. A burgeoning desire for independence leads to changes in attitude others might have a tough time dealing with …. Just... Read more

Do you trust your life (or even just your leg) to your IT staff?
We’re pretty bossy on this blog, aren’t we? We’re forever making strong suggestions when it comes to improving the productivity and security of your small business, whether it’s implementing the latest in VOIP technology or developing an IT disaster recovery plan. Here we go again — this time with some recommended viewing. The information technology... Read more

3 Celebrity ePHI Breaches That Serve as Cautionary Tales
Kidney stones, sinus infections and other medical maladies — they happen to the best (and most prominent) of us, don’t they? Whether you sweep the streets or serenade sold-out crowds at world-class venues like Red Rocks, we all, at one time or another, end up patients at the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of... Read more

PRI, VOIP & SIP: A primer for small business owners
Entrepreneurs: Rethinking your small business’ telecommunications infrastructure? What’s best: tried and true PRI, or new-school VOIP using the SIP protocol, the latest telephone technology has to offer? New-fangled tech isn’t necessarily the best option for your business, said Adam Puckett, director of business development for Frontier IT in Colorado Springs. Just what do these acronyms... Read more

WannaCry: An executive summary for small business owners
We thought now would be a good time to update readers on WannaCry, a particularly vicious strain of ransomware that recently infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe. WannaCry, also known as WannaCrypt, paralyzed financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, colleges and even hospitals. In light of this week’s new and competitively vicious cyberattack,... Read more

5 HIPAA/HITECH Violations Your Dental Practice is Making
Pssst — I think we need to talk. Your dental practice — does it have a HIPAA/HITECH compliance plan? No? You’re not the only practice without one, trust us. If your business doesn’t have a plan, however, it’s nearly impossible to ensure you’re not violating HIPAA/HITECH — and violations can cost thousands, if not millions,... Read more

5 Common HIPAA & HITECH Violations (& how to avoid them)
At first glance, advice to avoid HIPAA and HITECH violations seems obvious: Don’t gossip about patients. Don’t make patient medical records visible to others. Don’t access ePHI on your home computer (without the proper set-up). If avoiding violations were easy, however, businesses around the U.S. wouldn’t cough up millions each year in fines. We here... Read more